2021-2022 Legislative Priorities

Measures to enhance the respect and protection of persons with a disability
H218 S117 Rep. Sean Garballey and Senator John Keenan
This bill will update investigative processes and language relative to Nicky’s Law and the
protection of persons with disabilities.

An Act relative to police training in appropriate interactions with persons on the autism
spectrum and with other intellectual and developmental disabilities

H2531 S1628 Rep. Paul Tucker, Rep. Kay Khan and Senator Michael Moore
This bill will require training of law enforcement officers and correction officers in the
Commonwealth in appropriate and safe interactions with persons on the autism spectrum.

An Act to allow MassHealth day habilitation providers to use abuse registry.
S137 Senator Mike Moore
This bill will expand the abuse registry law to MassHealth Day program providers to ensure
individuals substantiated of abuse will not be hired in other DDS day, residential or other
MassHealth programs.

An Act ensuring equal access to medical treatments essential for people with a
developmental disability, intellectual disability, or autism.
H84 S115 Rep. Christine Barber and Senator John Keenan
This bill will require MassHealth to cover medically necessary Applied Behavior Analysis services
for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities including autism. Also includes assistive
technology coverage.

An Act to ensure dependent health coverage for adults with disabilities.
H1044 Rep. Christine Barber
This bill corrects a drafting error in Massachusetts General Law (MGL) which puts individuals with
disabilities at risk of losing access to private insurance coverage.

An Act improving healthcare for patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities
including autism.
S2615 Rep. Carolyn Dykema and Senator Jason Lewis
This bill establishes an accredited certification program for medical professionals focusing on best
practices in healthcare for individuals with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities.

An Act facilitating better interactions between police officers and persons with
autism spectrum disorder
H3516 S2285 Rep. Kay Khan and Senator Joanne Comerford
This bill would allow people with ASD to request a blue envelope for the driver’s sun visor to
provide law enforcement written guidance on enhancing effective communication with the driver
with ASD.